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Custom-Made Orthotics

Orthotics are an insole device that you can add to your footwear to help prevent or treat certain conditions. They work through a mechanism called proprioceptive feedback. This is how our brain communicates with our body to know the position of our joints, muscles, and supporting structures. This feedback can help turn on certain muscles in your leg/foot, engage the arch, improve joint mobility, limit excessive motion, and mitigate shock absorption.  Orthotics can help support your body movement as a whole (called biomechanics) or they can directly support the structures of the foot.

Common Conditions for Orthotic Use Include:

What to Expect During your Appointment

Dr Melissa will perform a detailed assessment which includes a Gait Analysis and Biomechanics Examination. She will be evaluating for the following:

If Orthotics are recommended, we use the Foam Casting method to create a 3D volumetric impression of your feet. This foam impression is then mailed to our manufacturing laboratory of choice- The Orthotic Group Inc, in Markham Ontario.

Your Custom Orthotics are made specifically for you based on the results of the Gait Analysis, Biomechanics Exam and the Foam Impression Cast.

Before Your Appointment

If you plan on submitting the cost of your Orthotics to an extended health insurance plan, we recommend calling them first. Every insurance plan is different but most have a list of requirements that must be met in order to receive reimbursement, such as a prescription from your Medical Doctor. We will provide you with a biomechanics examination and gait anaylsis report, diagnosis, and proof of manufacturing from The Orthotic Group Inc., all of which your insurance company will likely require.

We recommend bringing the footwear that you'll be wearing your Orthotics in, to your appointment.

****If you are interested in Orthotics and are new to our clinic, please book a New Patient Assessment.