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Massage Therapy

{Massage Therapists}

Michelle Van Dyk, Massage Therapist
Michelle Van Dyk, BA, RMT

Adele Callfas, Massage Therapist
Adele Callfas, RMT

{Fee Schedule}

30 minutes $62
45 minutes $87
60 minutes $104
75 minutes $130
90 minutes $156
Cupping add-on $13
Laser add-on
(60 to 90 min massages only)

Laser Therapy Initial/
60 min
Laser Therapy
45 min
(more info)

*prices include GST

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Laser Therapy

Dynamic Cupping
Dynamic Cupping Logo

Naturally Balanced offers a relaxing, friendly atmosphere that feels both warm AND professional. We aim to provide an environment where everyone feels welcome.

Our Registered Massage Therapists greatly enjoy helping their clients achieve their goals- whether that's improving your athletic performance, healing an injury, providing relief and maintaining function during pregnancy, or taking a much needed break from the day.

Both of our RMT's have a minimum 2200 hours of training in an accredited Massage Therapy program, are Prenatal Certified, and are constantly expanding their skills and knowledge through continuing education. They each have a unique skill set and are very knowledgeable in assessing, treating and providing homecare for a wide range of musculoskeletal complaints.

Michelle has additional certifications in: Dynamic Cupping and Prenatal Massage, as well as being a certified Laser Therapist- Learn More

Adele has additional certifications in: Infant Massage, Prenatal Massage and Perinatal Education. Separate from the clinic she is also a certified Birth & Postpartum Doula with VBAC training, and in the process of completing her Hypnobirthing Educator certification.

Massage Treatments Offered:

Commonly Treated Conditions:

Our focus is on the management and prevention of injuries and conditions. At Naturally Balanced we are able to provide a multidisciplinary approach to care, where our massage therapists can work within a team of healthcare providers to offer the best possible care to their clients. Whether you have a new acute injury or chronic pain and tightness, our therapists are ready to help.

We know that sometimes you just want to relax and enjoy your treatment, while taking a break from the day. Our therapists offer relaxation massage for those who just want to unwind and de-stress.

Dynamic Cupping

dynamic cupping

This unique modality combines traditional massage techniques with the negative pressure of specifically designed suction cups. These cups are then moved along the length of the muscle or left in a static position, depending on what the therapist is aiming to accomplish.

There are SO MANY benefits of this amazing modality! By incorporating negative pressure AND glide, Dynamic Cupping is an efficient way to address chronic conditions, injuries, and scar tissue. It does this by removing adhesions in the fascia layer which limit the ability for muscles to contract and move freely. You can think of adhesions as sticky points in the connective tissue between the layers of muscle. These resistance points can be due to scar tissue, tight muscle bundles (trigger points), repetitive overuse or imbalances within the body's joints or muscles.

Benefits include:
  • improved blood flow
  • tissue repair
  • scar tissue mobility, to aid healing
  • decreased muscle tension
  • increased joint mobility
  • better overall muscle function
  • mechanoreceptor stimulation*

*Mechanoreceptors are sensory organs located within your joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and skin. These receptors are sensitive to stretch and when stimulated send a signal to the brain. These signals communicate information about the tissue such as: it's overall length and tension, where that body part is in space and whether or not it's injured and in need of repair.

"I love Dynamic Cupping- it feels like you are getting two treatments in one. It seems so efficient... like my massage therapist can get more done during a session. I move so much better after my treatments." -M.R.


Prenatal Massage

pregnant woman

During pregnancy the body is faced with unique challenges that result in changes to posture, movement patterns, and balance. While these changes are natural and necessary, they can lead to some unwanted symptoms. These symptoms include general discomfort, low back/pelvis pain, upper back stiffness, a feeling of imbalance, trouble sleeping, and fatigue. Massage is an excellent way to support your body during this time.

Our massage therapists are specially certified in Prenatal Massage. This additional training ensures our pregnant clients are in good hands!

The benefits of seeing a Prenatal certified RMT is their knowledge in hands-on massage and stretching techniques, as well as client positioning and draping. They are also specially trained to recognize contraindications to care, and identify risks that can be discussed with your Obgyn or Midwife prior to starting treatment. As important as knowing HOW to treat, is knowing WHEN to treat.

Infant Massage

Massage Therapy has so many amazing benefits for babies and children.

These include:

Building trust and creating a comfortable space for our pediatric clients is very important. To ensure your baby/child feels safe and secure, we ask that a parent or guardian accompany them and remain in the room throughout their entire treatment.

Infant and child massage is also a great time to introduce or re-affirm body boundaries and consent, and how that applies to paramedical healthcare services.

Typically we schedule 30 minute sessions for children, with no expectation for them to attend the full appointment.

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