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Additional Naturopathic Services Offered:

Injection Therapy

Injection Therapy is a treatment which aims to target the autonomic nervous system and correct underlying dysfunction within it.

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) acts largely unconsiously and regulates functions like our heart rate, breathing, digestion, and our body's fight or flight response. Additionally,the ANS controls involuntary responses such as our fight or flight, and our rest and digest phases.

Injection Therapy  is commonly used to treat a wide variety of conditions such as:

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B12 Injections

Vitamin B12 injections are used to prevent or treat a B12 deficiency. They are specifically relevent for patients who have inadequate absorption for orally ingested sources due to any of the following: Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, Celiac Syndrome, Decreased Stomach Acid, and taking certain drugs.

Symptoms of B12 deficiency include:

Anemia (paleness, weakness, fatigue), tingling or loss of sensation in the legs/feet/hands, muscle weakness, confusion, irritablility and mild depression.

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Frequency Specific Microcurrent

This non-invasive, painless treatment uses a low level electrical current at a frequency uniquely specific to the targeted tissue, to facilitate healing. FSM is used to treat pain and promote tissue repair.

Commonly treated conditions include:

Fibromyalgia, Diabetic Neuropathy, Concussions and Post Concussion Syndrome, Low Back Pain, Scar Repair, Headaches, Sports Injuries, Plantar Fasciitis and more.

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Dural Attachment Therapy

This gentle manual therapy creates tension in the dura mater by flexing the head forward and moving it through a series of stretches. The dura mater is the thick connective tissue membrane which surrounds the spinal cord and is responsible for containing the cerbrospianl fluid. This connective tissue can become damaged and as part of the healing process, fibrous cells create a disorganized and inelastic bundle called an adhesion or scar. These adhesions create restrictions in the membrane which can lead to increased nerve tension and pain. DAT helps to break up these adhesions and re-align the fibers so that the new scar tissue develops in a more organized, linear fashion providing more elasticity and function to the tissue.

DAT is commonly used to treat back and neck pain, pain associated with disc herniations, chronic fatigue syndrome, dizziness or vertigo, fibromyalgia and more.

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Lab Analysis and Diagnostics

We offer a wide variety of blood, urine and salvary lab testing including:

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